Why buy from Italy? Because we collect the fresh truffles in the morning, we ship in the afternoon
and in 18/24 hours the truffles will be delivered to your address.
Freshness with truffles is everything.
There are almost no truffles in the U.K., USA (except for the Oregon truffle) , Canada and many other
The U.K. dealer has to wait from the foreign truffle hunter who sells to the wholesaler, who exports
to the U.K. importer who sells to the U.K. distributor who sells the truffles on his shop,
which are 3,4 days old.
Our prices are also cheaper.
With the old eBay shop italia_truffles we have had more than 4,200 100% positive feedbacks for 20
years and a total of more than 10,000 transactions (because many customers leave no feedback).
These are the reasons you should consider.
Now we have opened this second shop because we also want to sell truffle products.
Returns are accepted with new shipping or refund.
Receipt for private people, invoices for companies.
Trust us.
It is worth.